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Dynamic SensorSpa

Keyton Dynamic perfectly combines the elegance of leather and the warmness of Wood. Its curved and well-defined shape suits the most demanding and sophisticated environments. This modern and elegant massage chair fits all kinds of houses.

Tecno SensorSpa

Keyton Tecno is a design that lasts through time despite trends or fashions. Its own personality in its lines makes this model very architectural. Enjoy a massage sesión and reach extreme relaxation levels by having a rest in this chair.

Class SensorSpa

Keyton Class is a design that combines the classic lines of the most elegant chairs with more avant-garde forms. The arms of this chair are particulary elegant, with a combination of curved and straight lines, making it a massage chair that defines the surrounding area.

City SensorSpa

Keyton City is the suitable model for those who love Cosmopolitan lines. It fits minimalist surroundings, while offering the best relax and massage features.

Verona SensorSpa

Keyton Verona can blend into any environment thanks to its elegant style and timeless design. The confort and soberness of this chair make it the ideal choice.